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What is a Universal Rental Application?

Created by the team at

The Universal Rental Application, also referred to as Comprehensive Application and Personal Dossier, is an application form which includes information that is requested by most landlords*.  It also contains additional information, if desired, by the user.  It includes:  FICO Score, Credit Report score, biometric identification, QR code, third party verification and NFT registration.


Credit reports are provided upon request through Trans Union, Equifax or Experian through, FICO scores are provided by The Fair Isaacs and Company.

Why have a preprepared application?

Most landlords* need the same information to determine your eligibility to rent a unit.  Remembering or finding the specific information at each location you wish to rent can be a bit frustrating and annoying.  Preparing this data ONCE is a lot easier than repeating this process at each place you want to rent.  


You can elect to have an account, which will save your data in privacy, where you can change or update it as you like. (Personal Encrypted data vault).


The format we use presents your data in a very concise and professional way.  You forward this information to any landlord of your choosing and a record of that transaction will be logged into your account.

Why verify your application?

Verification is the process completed by an independent verification company that checks to see if your stated information is true, accurate and correct.  Landlords have to do this themselves or pay a verification company to do it for them.  They often pass this expense to you in the form of an application fee of $35 and often more. 

This process often takes a few days to complete.  Having your application verified in advance gives you a chance of being selected sooner or possibly being selected over candidates that have not been verified.

Free Credit Report

Our service eases and facilitates the process of obtaining a recent Credit Report that is appropriate for most landlords*.  It’s called a “SOFT” report.


The type of Credit Report that landlords traditionally request has more information than most landlords* need AND it puts and “Inquiry” on your credit report which lowers your Credit Score and remains on your report for two years.


Getting a credit report allows YOU to check it for errors and correct those errors.  The landlord may decline you based upon information on your credit report (which you may not know about) and they are likely NOT to tell you exactly why you are being declined.


This credit report can be presented along with your application through the website or mobile app. Nearly all landlords will require an application and credit report before offering you a rental unit.



Our process provides a time/stamp of the report, a transaction number and the reporting facility along with a contact number.  This is provided for further validation to landlords that may need additional assurances.  It also gives you a tracking number to make it easier to make corrections.

By federal law you are entitled to obtain a free copy of your credit report from each of the credit reporting agencies, per year.  The only website that provides this service is, which is who we partner with to facilitate you acquiring your report.

What does a Dossier do for me?

Dossier is your opportunity to convey information about yourself to any prospective landlord that will enhance your desirability as a tenant.  You can also explain difficult or unfavorable circumstances that would otherwise not be understood.  Let your prospective landlord get to know you a bit better.



I've lived in this area for five years and have worked at my current job four years.  I love to garden and am pretty good at fixing things.  I'd be happy to help with gardening in exchange for rent.  I could help with any small fix-it issues that come up also. I'm currently saving for a down payment for a house and expect to be able to purchase in three to four years.  I'd like to remain in one location, close to my job, until I can make a home purchase.



Four years ago I had a medical condition that was not covered under my health care plan.  I had enormous expenses related to my needed medical care.  I got behind on paying other bills including my electric bill and two of my credit cards.  I was over 60 days behind for three months but got caught up by working overtime at my job, I am now current and have had no late payments for well over 3 years.  I have documents that support this problem and how it was corrected.

The user's tool is called Dossier Create - contents will appear in your profile at your discretion - you can edit this portion of your profile at any time.



(This is the program we are offering FREE to those who provide their name and email.  

It supports our efforts to get funding to provide this program in the near future).

It includes:

Universal Application and

professional verification provided of user's eligibility data

(This service usually cost $40-$60 for the level of detail we plan to provide).


Trans Union, Experian or Equifax credit report acquisition assistance (always free via


"Dossier" - which at user's discretion, will be included in the finished version of the application document.


"Dynamic Match" - which connects tenants and landlords based on common market data such as

Price • Type • Size • Location

all at the user's discretion.

The services mentioned above will be available

FREE of charge, for a limited time,

to those who provide their name and email address 

in the input section of the home page on this website.

This is a no obligation offer that is predicated on the funding and development of this company.


User provided information will be used ONLY for validation to investors of the services planned for this program.


direct any inquiries to:

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