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Gravadee  Co-Founder

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We think it’s crazy that renters have to fill a rental application at each place they want to rent.

We believe there is a much smarter, faster, better way for landlords to connect with rental candidates.

The intent is to change the current process by re-arranging the sequence of

and the content of the information required in a typical rental transaction.



Our service provides a way for renters to better prepare and present their eligibility documentation.

It also provides a way for landlords to access verified tenant candidates quickly.




This is a two sided market business with significant challenges. 

Changing how people think about and act in the rental housing market.




We are an early stage startup looking for someone to play a most important role as co-founder


We are in the stage of developing the team 

and have relationships in various stages with:

Technical Development Team

Marketing Director

Strategic Advisors 

and support from

Marin Sonoma Impact Ventures

We have properties in various stages of development


MVP concept

Proof of concept - Product Market Fit - Traction strategy


This is a equity based position with compensation available at funding.



Primary Qualification

Sincere interest in this market segment and this business concept

Experience in the startup environment

Experience in raising money for a start-up is a plus

Ability to sustain your current lifestyle until funded 6-9 months, maybe longer

Reside locally or ability to travel to SF frequently

If this resonates with you, please contact us.

Mill Valley, CA.


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