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How it works

Gravadee helps you create your application and get it verified, request your latest Credit Report without lowering your credit score.  Then you are ready to begin or continue looking for a new home better prepared and more likely to be approved.


Create Rental Resume - (rental application) 

IMPORTANT - This data remains private.  We do NOT have access to your private information.  Your data is sent to a private verification service that is insured and bonded and it's sole purpose is to validate the information you put on your application



Once you have completed, including the information for your Rental Resume you can choose to have the data verified.  NOTE:  verification may take 2-3 days to complete so you can begin using your Rental Resume at any time.


Dossier can be included in your profile to add any information that will increase your eligibility and desirability as a tenant candidate.  It can also be used to explain circumstances that a landlord may question.  

Credit Report request

NOTE:  a "soft" credit report does no harm to your credit score

You are entitled to a full credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies per year.

Comprehensive Rental Resume


Begin by filling in the information requested in each of the four sections below.  The intent is to make this task easier by breaking it down into smaller parts.  Once completed you will see a formatted version of your profile similar to the example seen here (click).

Note: the amount and detail of the information you provide is entirely up to you.  Each section indicates the usual information required by landlords and meeting that minimum will improve your chances of acquiring the rental you are seeking.

IDENTIFICATION - Best practice is to include your current and at least the previous three residences or a minimum of 5 years residence history.

EMPLOYMENT - Best practice is to include your current and at least the past three employers or a minimum of 5 years employment history.

FINANCIAL - Best practice is to include at least one checking, one savings account, and if possible an investment account.

REFERENCES - Best practice is to include a minimum of two personal references and one business reference.  More is better.


When you are satisfied with your input select "Request Verification".  Your data will be submitted to one of the major verification companies for processing.  You will receive a notification when your verification is complete and ready for submission to any landlord via your mobile phone or this website.   Verification time will vary with each applicant.  The usual time is three days.

Some applicants may need further attention!

You will be notified via email if your application needs further attention, clarification or action.  This is not necessarily a good of bad thing,  It could be something as simple as one of you intended contacts may not be reachable.

Personal Dossier


Dossier is unique to Gravadee.  This is your opportunity to convey information about yourself to any prospective landlord that you think will enhance your desirability as a tenant.  You can also explain difficult or unfavorable circumstances that would otherwise not be understood.

EXAMPLE:  I've lived in this area for five years and have worked at my current job four years.  I love to garden and am pretty good at fixing things.  I'd be happy to do help with gardening in exchange for rent.  I could help with any small fix-it issues that come up also. I'm currently saving for a down payment for a house and expect to be able to purchase in three to four years.  I'd like to remain in one location, close to my job until I can make a home purchase.

Dossier Create - contents will appear in your profile - edit anytime

Credit Report


Requesting your Credit Report through Gravadee allows you to obtain your latest Credit Report and control when and to whom it’s presented.  This type of report is called a “SOFT” report which will not put an "inquiry" on your report.  Inquiries can lower your credit score and remain on your report for two years.

Obtaining your Credit Report also gives you the opportunity to insure all information is accurate and change the information that is incorrect.

SOFT Credit Report Request - insure accuracy of your report.  

Many reports have errors unknown to the individual.

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“Safe - Secure - Confidential”

Simply put, this service has no strings, obligation or hidden activity to invade or exploit your privacy. 

We don’t like it when that happens to us, so we don’t do that ever. 

We welcome any questions to help you further understand our purpose and intent at:

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