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Landlords - access LIST of pre-qualified tenants


Planning to

RENTERS - Universal Rental Application

​We believe it’s smarter to fill out a rental application


(most landlords want the same information)

office-3193372__480.jpg is an easy way for you to create a

Universal Rental Application - Rental Resume

to present anywhere!

Why fill out all that information at each place you want to rent?

It looks like this...

Your application data will be formatted into an impressive and easy to understand document.

(email, print or text to your prospective landlord)

Comprenensive Application - Gravadee.png

Professional verification of your data, in advance, is significant,
here's why *


Verification is what Landlords do with your application.

(The process of verification can take 2-3 days.  

Presenting a verified application gives you a significant advantage

because the landlord won't have to do it).

Credit Report

Obtain a FREE copy of your report 

without getting an “INQUIRY”

(inquiries lower your credit score)




To further enhance your eligibility with landlords 

you can elect to include specific information* in your rental application. 

(This is called Dossier)*

These are all steps you have to complete before renting.

Prepare - Application - Acquire - Credit Report

Why not do them ahead of time?


All this gives you a BIG advantage* over other rental applicants.

Create Your Rental Resume

Start - Stop - Save - Resume at any time

Completely Confidential - Safe - Private

Technical support is available if you have questions or need help?

lock icon gray.png



Simply put, this offer has no strings, obligation or hidden activity to invade or exploit your privacy. 

We don’t like it when that happens to us, so we don’t do that ever. 

We welcome any questions to help you further understand our purpose and intent at:

specific information*

specific information* is information the user includes in their renter's Application, which is intended to elevate the user's eligibility or desirability as a tenant candidate.  We refer to this section as "Dossier", and it can be included, or NOT included, in the application the user is creating.  This data is completely user generated and user controlled.


verified* or verification is the process of checking the perspective tenant's application data to assure it is real and accurate.  Verification provided through is conducted by one of seven major verification agencies who are licensed and bonded to perform this service.


BIG advantage*

Most renters arrive to preview a rental unit without preparing ahead of time.  The services provided in this program are steps you will need to take in most rental situations.  By preparing in advance, you save the landlord time and the hassle of verifying your eligibility.  Having this done in advance makes you a more desirable rental candidate.  ALSO,  you can make sure your data is correct and accurate.

By law you are allowed to request one FREE credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies per year.  The email address below will connect you to the only agency that can legally provide you with those reports FREE. coordinates obtaining your credit reports through this agency.

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